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We are registered with IATA, this allows us to meet standards within the tourism Industry. Also, your money is always safe with us.

Group Discounts

We offer best discounts when you travel with your group. We guarantee that our prices offer you a great value for your money.

Finest Tour Manager And Guides

We provide the most experienced and professional tour managers. Our tour guides are local and experts, who will make each destination come alive

Confirm Departure Dates

We guarantee our European group departures. We make sure that there are no last moment cancellations of tours.

Handpicked Hotels

We handpick finest hotels for all our worldwide destinations with a minimum 4 to 5 star ratings providing most relaxing tour experience.

Luxurious Transportation

We care for your comfort. Our coaches are loaded with state of art equipment including air conditioning, TV, DVD and WC facilities to make your journey as enjoyable as possible.




Business meetings could be anything from director-only board annual general meetings to a training seminar. Basically, any group of people gathering in a common location, for a common reason, is a type of meeting. Other examples include: strategic planning, shareholders meeting, management meetings, etc.



Incentives are a way to motivate or reward associates, dealers or any employee of a company, according to their previous performance or as a way to build teamwork. As the context of travel varies, they can count with advisory of local convention bureaus of the targeted destinations. According to a survey done by The Incentive Search Foundation, Incentive Travel is a fundamental corporate culture builder. Resort retreats, annual summits and familiarization tours or even a day trip are common examples. Therefore, both the hospitality industry, as well as the tourism industry benefit directly from this kind of event.



Corporate conferences usually gather a group of people by profession or personal interest in a specific field, looking for information exchange and discussion about a certain topic. These conventions require complex planning and itinerary organization well in advance. They differ from meetings mainly because of scale. A corporate or government conference / convention can have hundreds of participatory meetings happening simultaneously inside it as part of a program. Annual gatherings of industry associations and organizations are a big component of this sector.



Exhibitions are also known for their extensive planning. They usually are highly produced trade shows that bring products to their audience. Financial, Pharma, Beauty, Insurance, High-tech and other lead industries populate the largest exhibition centers with senior executives. They could be either businesses selling to other businesses (B2B) or straight to the final consumer (B2C). Larger fairs, despite having a clear target, might combine both modalities in the mix.